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BCL easy PDF Printer

Convert Any Document to PDF

BCL's easy PDF Printer is an affordable, full function PDF creator that lets you make PDFs from Word or any other document on your PC.

BCL's easy PDF Printer has many advanced PDF creation features that are usually found in much more expensive software. These include:

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Easy-to-Use PDF Printer

Once BCL easy PDF Printer is installed in your PC, you can run virtually any application, open a printable document, and then "print" it to create a PDF document. For example, to convert Word to PDF, run MSWord and print your document using our PDF printer. Watch a video demo.


BCL easy PDF Printer also comes with many advanced PDF creation features such as font embedding/subsetting, PDF/A/X support, digital signature, PDF security, metadata, hyperlinks, and other features that are usually found in a much more expensive software package.

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Features and Benefits

BCL easy PDF Printer's Advanced Features can be accessed by clicking on the [Properties] in the Print dialog box.


64-Bit Support NEW!
easyPDF will run on your 64-bit PC and Windoes and seamlessly let you create PDF from any application.

PDF Standards (PDF/A/X) NEW!
BCL easy PDF Printer supports PDF creations that conform to PDF/A-1b, PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 standards. PDF A allows you to archive your PDF files and PDF X allows you to exchange graphics.

Font and Image
Specify how to convert the fonts and images in your documents into PDF. You can control your PDF file size by controlling the embeded fonts and image compression.

PDF Security and Digital Signature
The PDF security settings change the viewing, extracting, printing, and form filling permissions of your output PDF document. You can allow control, print, copy, modification and annotation capability with PDF 40-bit or 128-bit security. You can also digitally sign your PDF.

Watermarks and Digital Stamp
Use PDF watermark (text) and digital stamp (image) to add extra protections to your PDF documents. Now you can create up to 4 different Watermarks and Digital Stamps.

Meta Data
Use PDF Meta Data to add document information to your PDF file, such as the title, author, subject, etc.

Viewer options
Customize the initial view of the PDF viewer software when your audiences open your PDF document. This will let you control the Panel, Layout, Magnification, Menu Bar, Tool Bar and Windows Control.


If you have MS Word 2000 (or later version) installed in your PC, you can convert the hyperlinks in your Word documents into PDF hyperlinks. You can also create PDF bookmarks based on the Styles (heading 1, heading 2, etc.) of your documents. These features can be access by pressing the [PDF button] in the MS Word toolbar:


Preserve Hyperlink (MSWord Required)
Convert the hyperlinks in your Word document into PDF hyperlinks. Watch a video demo.

Create PDF bookmarks (MSWord Required)
Create PDF Bookmarks based on MS Word Styles


How to Create PDF

Create PDF Hyperlinks from Word

Multi License & Bundle


Enterprise Licensing

Let your entire organization create PDF affordably. An Enterprise License gives you UNLIMITED installation of easyPDF Printer within a single company or organization. Contact us.


Other Type of Licensing

OEM Distribution Licensing
Build PDF creation in your application. An OEM Distribution License gives you the right to integrate easyPDF Printer's functionalities (using easyPDF SDK) with your applications.


Software Development Kit

BCL easyPDF SDK, a PDF development / programming toolkit that lets you quickly create PDF applications in multiple programming languages and environments with just 3 lines of code.

Knowledge Base

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Now available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

  • BCL easy PDF Printer lives up to its name: It's easy to install and easy to use." - M. David Stone, PC MagazinePC Magazine
  • Works perfectly, just as described. No problems. Very user friendly. Well worth the price! - Cheri Schaefer
  • This little program has revolutionized my life. I can save anything as a PDF now - web pages, online receipts, snapshots of financial data. " - Alison
  • It is really an awesome product that has helped me to perform my day to day work with more accuracy and with stunning speed. Thank you." - T.M. Devassy

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